We are currently accepting applications for younger tamariki turning 3 after April 2025.

Primary 6-12 years

When a child reaches Primary school, they begin to think and wonder about ideas and concepts beyond their own personal experience. They are beginning to develop powers of reason, abstraction and imagination. It is here that the groundwork laid in the preschool programme begins to show.

In Wā Ora Montessori Primary your child’s questions will provide the basis for exploration of the universe and all it contains. The self-learning structure of our Montessori classroms frees our teachers to give your child individual attention when their curiosity is aroused, helping them to connect with that knowledge. Our teachers plan for each child individually, providing guidance and offering challenges according to their strengths and needs and encouraging them to welcome new opportunities and explore different thinking.

Wā Ora Montessori is the only state-integrated Montessori primary school in New Zealand, with five primary classrooms located on the same school site as our preschool classes.

Our classrooms for six to nine year olds are called Pūriri, Kauri and Rātā (Year 2-4).
Our classes for nine to twelve year olds are called T
ōtara and Tawhai (Year 5-7).