Mother’s Day stories from ākonga

Tania Gaffney  – Deputy Principal Primary / 6-9 Head Teacher – Rātā

Kia ora whānau,

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day a couple of weekends ago.  We wanted to share with you some of the writing done in Rāta class about mums.  Only those that have given permission have been shared.

Kia pai tō rā


My mum hates me annoying my little sister. She always gets a cup of coffee from the kitchen. I use the massage gun on her back to show my love. By Addison

My mum is the shortest in the family. My mum is like a cat. My mum likes me helping her and likes me doing new things. By Amelia T

My mum loves coffee! (she’s crazy about it) She loves roses and the smell of them. She likes feijoas and feijoa pie. She likes reading and colouring in and sketching and drawing. By Lucy

My mum has red hair. She speaks Spanish and she loves cake especially chocolate cake. I love my mum so much. By Loretta

My mum was born in 1972 and has the same birthday as my uncle. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking. Her best friend is coffee. Her favourite game on her phone is Scrabble and on a board, her favourite game is Ludo. My mum loves me to bits and she loves sweets. One of her favourite things in the whole world is her phone. She speaks 3 languages, Hindi, English and Fijian. She has dark hair with light brown stripes. She loves dogs because she had one when she was growing up and she also likes singing. When she makes her bed she likes to put on music. She reads a lot of books. One time she was carrying a chair and she saw a funny video on the TV and dropped the chair on my foot. I love her so much even when she is angry at me. By Nyla

My mum is my super hero. She is 33. She likes Chinese foods, chocolate and baked sweets. She is very good at gardening and teaching right from wrong. She does not allow mean words in the house and if you don’t say thank you then you can’t get it until you say it. She is a beautiful singer. If the house is not clean, we clean it. She likes when family come or if there is a play date. If there is time mum would love to play with us. She loves movie night and watching funny animal videos and playing the wii. I love Char so much.  By Aria B