Guiding Principles


The Wā Ora Montessori community is guided by strong moral values that include:


We strive for excellence in learning, creating independent thinkers who are eager and able to explore and experiment. We believe that learning occurs best in the context of a rich and balanced life.


We are impressed and awed by nature and respect the interconnectedness of everything in the natural world. We strive to conduct our lives responsibly and sustainably, mindful of our impact on other natural things. We maintain a focus on peaceful and harmonious living.

Generosity of spirit

We believe good people create good people. We are sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings and we want the best for each other. Our ways of acting promote respect and altruism and we consciously work to increase the capacity of all members of our school community for sharing and working together.

School Charter

The strategic direction of our school, including our goals for the next 3-5 years, is clearly outlined in our school charter. This is a Ministry of Education-required document that is generally completed by our Board of Trustees. The charter also contains an annual plan that is updated each year by our Principal.


There are a number of supporting documents available that will provide you with a complete outline of Wā Ora’s future plans, including Wā Ora’s Authentic Montessori Definition.

School Charter – read here

Wā Ora’s Authentic Montessori Definition – read here