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The Kawakawa Outdoor Environment

By Sarah Jane Lambie – Kawakawa Teacher To create a learning space that satisfies the characteristics of adolescents, Y8 – Y10, Dr Maria Montessori was very clear in her assertion that the best environment to meet their needs is on a working farm, away from parents and cultural obstacles. She wrote “. . . during […]

The Human Tendencies

By Tania Gaffney – Rātā Teacher & Deputy Principal Primary After the 1st plane of development (i.e. Preschool) we do not talk of Sensitive Periods any more, rather how we are catering to the Human Tendencies of the 2nd plane child. Human tendencies are innate characteristics that every human has from birth throughout life which […]

Literacy in Preschool

Tara Israelson – Nīkau Head Teacher – Preschool With the topic of literacy featuring regularly in the news this year, I thought I would share the way literacy is approached in our Montessori Preschool.  The language area is often a place we start when orienting new tamariki, with oral language and vocabulary proving to be […]

Welcome back to Term 2!

Ava Szabo – Principal Kia ora Koutou et te whānau. Welcome back to school as we begin Term 2. I hope the school holidays provided some well-deserved rest and relaxation for you all.  School holidays are always a great time to catch up with family and friends.  If, like me, you stayed home over the […]

From Kawakawa to Tāwari

Michael Draper – Physics and Digital Technology Teacher – High School “When are we ever going to use this?” This is a common question from teenagers in conventional schools. Yet we rarely hear this question in Tāwari. Why is that? Maria Montessori identified that the primary drive for adolescents is learning what they need to […]

Principal Update

Ava Szabo – Principal Kia ora Koutou e te whānau. I have been very fortunate this term to be able to travel to the AMS (American Montessori Society) conference in Orlando, Florida.  This is an Annual gathering of Montessori teachers from across the USA and many other parts of the world. This year there were […]

The Importance of Grace and Courtesy

Kala Reyes – Rewarewa Head Teacher If you have a child in preschool, you might have heard of grace and courtesy. Grace and courtesy is a fundamental aspect of Montessori philosophy rooted in respect, empathy, and kindness. These are delivered as group lessons to help tamariki learn socially acceptable ways of doing things, fostering a […]

Supporting Our Kura: The Impact of Parent Donations

Byron Lynds – Presiding Member, Board of Trustees As members of our Wā Ora community, we are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to provide our tamariki with an authentic Montessori education. The school is very grateful for the donations we receive from families; these contributions play a vital role in sustaining and enhancing the […]

The Odyssey

Hilary Asquith – Lead Teacher Kawakawa “To be part of, to belong to, to have a role in, to perform a task for, to be recognised as a member of – those are the parts of the internal engine that drives adolescent activity… to belong to a structure bigger than themselves.”          […]

Tōtara Ākonga Contribution

Written by Tōtara ākonga During my first 4 weeks at Wā Ora I have noticed “space and time”.  The prepared environment is crucial and having 3-hour or longer work cycles means the kaiako can work with ākonga without interruption.  I asked some of our Tōtara ākonga what they thought – Nadine Smyth, Tōtara Teacher What […]